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Hello guys! GizChina.it is a relatively young blog but, thanks to your affection and the commitment of those who work with dedication to this project every day, it has quickly become a landmark for all fans of smartphones, tablets and, in general, Chinese technology.

In addition to daily news, our staff is also involved in the project GizROM, a project of development of ROMs useful to make the most of the potential of Chinese phones, devices that no longer have anything to envy to other devices of the best known brands. All this, of course, would not be possible without the great commitment of a staff, reported below:

Our staffLuca Ceraso

Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Manager

Passionate about technology in all its forms, gizchiniano doc, geeks from birth. He hopes in an increasingly intelligent and interconnected world while maintaining social and moral values.

Our staff

Michele Perrone

Managing Editor, Reviewer

Passionate about everything that revolves around the hi-tech world, with a particular unbridled passion for telephony. Musician in free time.

Our staffLeonardo Bellizzi


A lover of technology and his innovations on the Chinese front. I like traveling and I hope soon to combine the two passions with a long journey in the Far East.

Our staffEmanuele Cafici

Forum Director, Content Editor

Curious and a bit fussy, I put my free time at the disposal of those who have my own passions. I love science and technology, and I believe in the ability of Asian companies to provide innovative products for everyone.

Our staffLuca Armentano


From an early age I cultivate the passion for the whole electronics world, especially for the one surrounding microprocessors. From about 3 years my passion for smartphones has taken shape and evolved, feeling more and more the need to share it with as many people as possible. Does a terminal with a screen appear before my eyes? I have to try it!

Our staffGabriele Gascone

Content Editor, Reviewer

In love with technology, with an eye towards smartphones, he does not disdain any activity linked to the nerd world. TV series, movies, manga, anime and comics (Marvel addicted) are the order of the day.

Our staffRoberto Abate

Content Editor, Reviewer

Inordinate passion for the tech world in all its facets. A graduate in political science, he shares a love of technology with that of films and TV series, board games and the most varied sports, football in the first place. Strong supporter of the Sarrist doctrine.

Our staffEmanuele Pagliari

Reviewer, Content Editor

Student of computer engineering, electronics and telecommunications, for years passionate about hardware, technology and electronic music. In recent years I started to get closer and closer to the world of Android smartphones, focusing on low-cost ones, reaching up to the Chinese devices of the most famous brands.

Our staffClaudio Vitiello

Affiliation Manager, Reviewer

Growing up on bread and floppy disks, I passionately follow the technology in general since my first console, an Atari 8600. Today I have a closer look at the world of smartphones and home recording.

Our staffRenato Pipitò

Affiliation Editor

Passionate about technology with a particular interest in PCs and tablets. Screenwriter of comics in lost time, he lives his life a quarter of Netflix catalog at a time.

Our staffLuigi Tarallo

Affiliation Editor

Passionate about technology, sports and life sciences.