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Thanks to cookies - a short text sent to your browser by the website visited during browsing - the site is able to store information about your visit (for example, your preferred language). Cookies are also used to display advertising content that is more relevant to one's interests (the so-called profiling cookies).

In this way your next visit to the site will be facilitated and made more suited to your needs, thus favoring the usefulness of the site in your favor and allowing you to save time.

As it is easy to imagine, therefore, disabling the use of cookies could make the use of the Web much more cumbersome and less user-friendly, contrary to what has been promoted in recent years by the various authorities on the subject.

The use of cookies is aimed at various purposes, such as, for example, the counting of visitors to the various pages of the website, their preferences, the protection of their data, etc.

The privacy policy contains all the other necessary information and explains in detail how we protect privacy while using cookies.

How to delete cookies:

Cookies, both those of this site and third parties, can be disabled by changing the settings of your browser.

As you can imagine, each browser has different cookie deactivation modes in its settings; the links to the deactivation instructions for the most used browsers are listed below:

By continuing to browse this site, you consent to the use of cookies.