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Born from the strong passion for technology and the experience gained over the years with GizChina.it, GizBlog is a new information portal that embraces the technological world at 360 degrees.

While the portal GizChina.it is a reference point dedicated exclusively to technology from the East, GizBlog deals with all the other sectors of the technological world, from smartphones, to PCs, to the main operating systems, passing through gaming, photography, the internet and much more.

GizChina and GizBlog coexist as an independent blog but strongly connected to each other. The contents of GizChina will in fact also be reachable from GizBlog, while the contents of GizBlog will also be reachable by GizChina. The combination of the two portals will allow our readers to get the best information technology in an intelligent and fast way.

Our staff is made up of editors who nurture a strong one passion for technology and for the digital universe. Every day GizBlog will be full of news, insights, reviews and many other original contents that we will take care of with passion for all our readers.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, to the new talents who have joined our staff and to our incessant desire to improve and offer high quality content, we hope that GizBlog can become a reference point for all fans of the sector and a source of information constantly updated and reliable.

Thanks to the special sections in the menu above you can contact our staff quickly and easily. THE suggestions of our readers are always welcome, so do not hesitate to let us know your opinion on GizBlog and the contents offered.

We are waiting for you in the section Comments of each item to share our passion with each of you! Enjoy your stay with all the staff!