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Samsung Galaxy S11: the One UI confirms the sensor from 108 MP

Find details on the camera in the code of the latest version of the UI

It is not known yet how many photographic sensors there will be on Samsung Galaxy S11. But what seems increasingly certain is that the main camera (?) Will be from 108 MP. To confirm this news we would think the same One UI 2.0, the latest version of the proprietary UI, within which reference was made to this. In fact, the code of the software in question speaks of support for images with resolution in their own 12.000 9.000 pixels x.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 camera will be from 108 MP: the One UI 2.0 confirms it

Except for new sensors, what we should find on the Samsung Galaxy S11 would be the sensor Samsung Bright GW1. So far only seen on Mi MIX Alpha but especially on Mi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10, later Xiaomi even Samsung would be ready to use it on its top of the range.

The code you see above, screened by XDA members, comes from the latest version of the app Samsung Camera present, in fact, in the beta of the One UI 2.0. Actually, in the code there is no clear reference to Samsung Galaxy S11, so the debut could take place on another model. What matters is how it will be used, since having such a sensor does not only mean getting very high resolution photos, indeed.

The advantage lies precisely in shooting at 27 MP o 12 MP, joining the adjacent pixels between them and increasing the sensitivity to light. This translates into better photographic performance at night, being able to simulate pixels much larger than those of canonical sensors, with a technique called Pixel Binning.

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