DxOMark: a new standard is coming to classify the sound quality of smartphones?


A few days ago we talked about a change of course by DxOMark, which modified the whole evaluation system. This portal, in fact, aims to execute photographic benchmarks of the various smartphones on the market, then drawing up the related standings. All the big brands, therefore, hope to reach the summit the moment they launch their new product. On this platform, however, it seems that another type of is in place revolution, even more radical than that experienced a few weeks ago.

DxOMark has important news in store, not in photography


According to what the company has declared, in two days DxOMark could announce a very important news. However, it will be a news not concerning the world of photography. Many users, therefore, went wild with their hypotheses, trying to guess the projects of this portal.

In reality, therefore, it seems that DxOMark want to enter the world ofaudio, creating one universal standard thanks to which to judge the sound quality of all devices. It is possible, therefore, that the company is working precisely in this direction, creating another sector within its own platform.

We are waiting for more information on this subject, although in just two days this project could already be revealed to the public. Stay tuned on our site.

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