Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini: here is the FCC certification | Leak

We talked about this device a few weeks ago when the first information about it began to arrive. Google Nest Mini, in fact, should represent the natural evolution of Google Home Mini, which has already been very successful on the market. It was long time, then, that there was a rumor of a possible change of name of this product, introducing the Nest brand inside. It looks like the FCC certification, arrives recently, confirm this leak.

Google Nest Mini should include a better speaker

Google Nest Mini

From what we learned in the last few hours, Google would be almost ready for the release of the new Google Home Mini. This should take the name of Google Nest Mini and it should also be characterized by a series of improvements in the audio field. Taking a look at the documents deriving from FCC certification, it seems that we are talking about this product quite thoroughly. The code name also appears A4R-H2B. Given the similarity with the abbreviations used for the previous Nest and Google models, it seems that it could actually be this device.

Google Nest Mini

As if that wasn't enough, then, the well-known leaker Evan Blass has published on Twitter apromotional image of Google Nest Mini. We do not actually know if it is an official press, but given the weight of the character from which the information was leaked, we are led to think that it is approaching reality. In summary, however, it seems that Google Nest Mini may include one speaker of better quality than the previous version. The hole should also be on board jack from 3,5 millimeters, a proximity sensor e new interesting colors.

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