Girl's War Z

Girl's War Z: pre-order zombie shooter on the Google Play Store

In the world of Games for smartphones, imagination has no limits. Although the shooters are present in large numbers on the store of Google, new manufacturers continue to make others. Everyone has the goal of always introducing something new into their product, whether it's design or talking about gameplay-related solutions. On the new Girl's War Z, therefore, it seems that the developers wanted to allow themselves the freedom to play with both of these parameters, by presenting a product very interesting.

Girl's War Z is only available on Android

This title does not present a concept other than what we have been able to appreciate on other titles of this caliber. Taking a look at the story, in fact, we are talking about a group of underage girls that are immune to zombie and that they must survive to find a cure. You will have a number of available characters, which can also be unlocked during the game, to which they can be combined different weapons. In fact, each girl will have her own technique and peculiarities, which is why it will be up to you to decide which is the best weapon to apply to a particular character.

Through a very simple and intuitive shooting system, it will be possible to bring down the hordes of zombies that infest the surrounding environment. What matters a lot in a video game of this type are, in fact, the skills.

Currently this title seems to be available only on Google Play Store. We do not know, therefore, whether in the future it will also be released for iOS. In the link below, however, you can access the page relating to pre-order of the product.


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