Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered: in January on Switch, iOS and Android

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

It seems that there is a certain nostalgia for some among the enthusiasts videogames. This is a kind of feeling that obviously involves so many users of different ages. Reason why the platforms involved are different. In the far 2003, in Japan, was presented for the first time Crystal Chronicles, which has reached the quota of 1 million shipments worldwide. Not satisfied, however, some users have clamored for a return of the series, updating the video game to the modern platforms of Gaming available. Thanks to the company's effort, therefore, we will soon see Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered on Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and PS4.

From 23 January Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will be available

We will not explain to you specifically what this product is about. Going to observe it very quickly, however, we could call it a turn-based role-playing game, perhaps more similar to a hack and slash. By defeating your opponents and completing missions, you will face some challenges which will assign skill points as you progress through the story. This has always been the classic setting of final Fantasy.

In the last title, the one that will have to go out at the 23 January, some special features will be added. In case, therefore, you have finished the original game, you could still enjoy new content and new areas to explore. This will also include new chaptersi to deal with, new skins e additional items to equip your character. In case you don't want to face the famous dungeons alone, you can count on the support of four friends online, so as to share the videogame experience also with other users. The will even be available cross-play, so you won't have any problems connecting your account on different platforms.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will be available on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch e PS4 starting from 23 January, so all that remains is to wait for that date to find out more information about this title.

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