earfun free review

Review EarFun Free TWS headphones: are they worth it?

Well yes, even today we come back to talk about true wireless headphones. And we do it with the EarFun Free, yet another model launched in crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Here they met with some success, collecting more than 5000 supporters. Now they are freely purchasable on Amazon, where there are already numerous proposals for all tastes. Will these manage to stand out from the crowd or will they eventually fall into the cauldron of mediocrity?

earfun free review

EarFun Free Review

Design and construction quality

The aesthetic proposal of these Free EarFun does not differ particularly from the canonical form factor to which the true wireless category has accustomed us. The headphones arrive inside a "capsule-shaped" charging case slightly above average and weighing about 60 g, within which they are collected from a balance magnetic attack. Even the opening of the same case is magnetic, guaranteeing some security in transporting them.

A small but significant detail is the ease of extraction, thanks to the groove between the two headphones. It is not difficult to find TWS headphones that are not really easy to remove from the dock. At the same time, the plastic used for the headphones is a bit slippery, so be careful when you are around.

earfun free review

Once extracted and worn, the headphones offer one good fit, thanks to the shape that adapts to the auricle. Then, inside the package, there are 2 pairs of replacement rubbers. In addition, Free EarFuns offer certification IPX7, keeping them safe from sweat and splashing water.

Connectivity and controls

Like all new-generation headsets, Free EarFuns also offer type connectivity Bluetooth 5.0. This means that connecting them to a mobile device will offer no lag, especially during video playback, as well as having a fairly wide range of coverage. Just extract them to make them automatically and quickly connect to the last paired device.

earfun free review

Unfortunately we do not find the same goodness in the telephone compartment, since the audio capture of the microphones returns an almost insufficient result. Free EarFuns have i physical commands instead of touch, with all the pros and cons of the case. A solution that I personally don't like very much, since it is a bit annoying to apply pressure in the ear. Also because the buttons on the headphones are a little hard.

That said, with a click of the left headphone you put Play / Pause, while with a double / triple click you go to the next / previous song. With a click on the right one you put in Play / Pause, while with a double click you activate the voice assistant. No volume control, then. In addition, calls can be answered and ended, but not rejected. Only one headphone can be used in the case, but only with the right, thus giving up the various commands managed by the left.

earfun free review

Audio quality

Inside the EarFun Free there are two graphene drivers from 6 mm. which produce one good audio quality. For heaven's sake, nothing I haven't heard before with other true wireless headphones, but that still left me satisfied. Unlike what often happens with this type of product, the company has preferred to opt for a less unbalanced equalization at the extremes. This means that bass and treble are well reproduced, although without excelling, but not to the detriment of the remaining range. Even the medium frequencies are enhanced, with a general output that presents itself quite neutral.

earfun free review

Autonomy and recharge

The headphones have batteries from 50 mAh one, with which a listening time is obtained around 5 hours. These, combined with the 24 hours provided by the case and its battery from 500 mAh, give a total of almost 30 hours before having to reload everything. To indicate the status of the remaining charge on the case there are 4 status LEDs. Once needed you can connect to the door USB Type-C, able to load from 0% to 100% in about 2 hours. Bonus not to be underestimated is the integration of wireless charging, provided you have a special pad.

earfun free review

Conclusions and price

The EarFun Free comes in a rather anonymous way, as they look like most of the other TWS headphones. Moreover, the physical controls are rather basic and I continue to prefer earphones that give the possibility to also control the volume. At the same time, the audio quality and autonomy sector have turned out to be quite good. Too bad that the price is not particularly competitive, at least as of today, given that they can be found on Amazon about 45 / 50 €.

Last updated the 12 / 11 / 2019 12: 39

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