Official Nintendo Switch Lite: the console becomes exclusively portable

nintendo switch lite

It was rumored for some time and, today, the official arrived: Nintendo Switch Lite it's official. The Japanese company will present a revised variant of one of the most popular consoles of all time for versatility and game modes.

Nintendo Switch Lite focuses on autonomy and portability

With the arrival of Nintendo Switch Lite it will be precisely versatility - in a sense - to fail. The revised console will essentially be usable only in portability. In fact, compared to the current Switch, it reduces the size of the display: it will switch to 5.5 " and will not give the opportunity to release the joycon to take advantage of the multiplayer mode. Furthermore, it will not be possible to connect it via a special dock HDMI, to TV home.

However, Nintendo reassures that for the multiplayer mode there will be the possibility of connecting the classics Joycon wireless. At the same time, compared to the current model, Nintendo Switch Lite will have its autonomy. The same company said it could offer an extra hour of gameplay, moving from the current ones 3 hours to around 4 hours.

Despite the small size, however, it seems that Nintendo Switch Lite does not want to replace the current one in any way 3DS. The Japanese company has specified that support for the current portable console will continue for some time.

Nintendo Switch Lite - Price and availability

The console will come in three different colors: gray, yellow and blue and will have a cost of dollars 200, about a quarter 180 €. To be able to play, instead, you will have to wait at least in September.

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