Driving smartphone? Up to 1.700 € fine with the new bill

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Smartphones are now part of every citizen's life, at any time of the day. Precisely because of this Montecitorio Transportation Commission started working on article reform 173 of the highway code.

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The reform of the highway code tightens sanctions

TheArticle 9 that passes from the obsolete term "radiotelephone devices"The smartphones, laptops, notebooks and tablets.

Furthermore, penalties for driving smartphones will be increased. There is talk of sanctions including between 422 and 1697 € and the possibility of suspension of the license from one to three months.

These desired changes will clearly not have the force of law for at least a year. At present the reform of the 173 article will have to be examined by Camera e Senate and, if the outcome is positive, the Ministry of Transport will have 365 days time to get the changes in place.

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