True wireless headset review Syllable D9X

syllable d9x review

Yes, let's go back to talking about true wireless headphones and do it with the review of the Syllable D9X. Actually the exact name should be Syllable D9X Pro, since it is the name that appears on the smartphone during pairing (as well as on Amazon). However, only "D9X" is written on the box, as well as on the Official site. Identity details aside, their peculiarity is about the battery, but I don't want to spoil it. Read on, then, to find out what these Syllable-branded headphones have about "abnormal".

Review Syllable D9X


Unlike almost all the headsets of this type, a separate discussion must be made regarding the packaging. In addition to one Hard Case for transport, including a perforated pocket for spare rubbers and charging cable, there is also one transport bag. This is because the Syllable D9X, due to their particular conformation, does not have a real charging dock. But we will talk about this in the following paragraphs.

Design and construction quality

To date, all the true wireless headphones I've tested have a transport dock. Here no: the dock is there but only serves to carry the spare batteries. And here we come across the peculiarity of the Syllable D9X, or thebattery interchangeability. From this derives a broken design, since the batteries can be disconnected and changed with additional ones.

A found undoubtedly strategic for the longevity of the headphones but which implies a small footprint. Compared to the average of the true wireless headphones, these protrude conspicuously from the ear. A detail that could upset those who prefer more compact headphones. Furthermore, the impossibility of wearing headphones inside the dock means that we will have to carry two cases, one for the batteries, one for the headphones. Not really the maximum of portability.

syllable d9x review

A bonus of these D9X (Pro?) Is the presence of silicone hooks, with which to keep the headphones even more stable inside the ear. Even when running, there are no stability problems: you can also remove the hooks, but doing so will make it easier for them to slip out of the ear. In the long run, however, these hooks tend to tire the ear, so a break may be a must.

Although there would be a flat surface suitable for touch controls, these headphones are driven by physical checks, present on both. With a click you put in Play / Pause, with a double click you go to the next track and with a triple click to the previous one. No command, therefore, to call up the voice assistant or to control the volume, while there are checks to accept / stop / reject calls.

syllable d9x review

Connectivity and calls

Unlike many current models, the Syllable D9X are based on the standard Bluetooth 4.2. As a result, there is little lag during video playback on YouTube and the like, although not too obvious. However, it must be said that the coverage is more than discreet, remaining stable even if we move several meters with more walls between us and the combined device. The pairing is also fast and effective, with a quick connection to the last paired device once it is turned on. Reading on the net there is talk of a support aptX which, in reality, is absent, since the related writing does not appear on my OnePlus 6 once connected.

You can also use only one headset, but not during the phone call phase, since in this case you must necessarily use the left (or both, of course). In this regard, the audio on call is stereo and has good volume, while the microphone quality is sufficient. The captured detail is dignified but there is a fairly present reverberation effect and the ambient noise is perceived outdoors.

syllable d9x review
Syllable D9X compared to the Pamu Slide

Audio quality

Initially the audio output didn't convince me much, but it was worth the rule of the "rubber changer" to re-evaluate them. We are not in front of headphones that stand out in the mass but the Syllable D9X don't sound bad, on the contrary. Being in-ear headphones, there is a good isolation from the outside that allows for a reproduction of frequencies and a rather sustained volume. Nothing that makes her shine more than many other headphones, however, but they are not even unsatisfactory.

syllable d9x review
Syllable D9X compared to the Pamu Slide


As anticipated at the beginning of the test, the peculiarity of Syllable D9X is the possibility of interchanging the batteries. Inside the dock there are 4 housings: 2 for charging, 2 for storing batteries not to charge. To indicate the status of recharge there are 2 blue status LEDs in the shape of a lightning bolt, which flash to indicate charging in progress. To recharge the 2 batteries it takes around 1 now, while to recharge the dock itself, go USB Type-C, it takes around 2 hours.

Speaking of amperage, the headphone bars contain a 38 mAh, while in the dock there is a 400 mAh. In both cases the capacity is not exciting on paper, but neither in practice. The duration of each battery is around 2 hours, for a total of 4 hours if spare parts are also considered. The dock guarantees, then, approximately 3 / 4 recharge cycles.

syllable d9x review

Conclusions and price

The Syllable D9X (Pro?) Can be purchased on Amazon at a current price of 52.99 €, down compared to 69.99 € to which they were sold in April 2019. Personally, they didn't convince me much to prefer them to the multitude of options on the market. Especially considering the Pamu Slide, currently available more or less on this price but with very different characteristics. But compared to me, I didn't like the idea of ​​not being able to carry headphones inside the charging dock.

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