Riot Games under investigation for gender discrimination

riot games

Riot Games the center of attention and not for a new game. The well-known developer of league of legends he faced several legal charges that culminated in a mass strike.

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Riot Games accused of paying more men

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The accusation addressed to Riot Games it would be to discriminate against women workers, giving them less compensation, for equal duties, for men. Precisely for this reason the California department has recently announced that it wants to proceed, asking the same company for details on the salaries of all employees.

Currently, therefore, the video game company is officially under investigation. Nevertheless, a representative of Riot Games has relied on The Verge to counter the charges. According to what was declared, in fact, the company would have been prompt and cooperative towards the California department.

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Meanwhile, retracing the story of what happened, let's see how the same company took formal steps by hiring one Chief Diversity Officer precisely because of the charges.

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