Love, Death and Robots: ready a second season on Netflix

love death robots

Netflix warms up the engines for next year and announces a new season of Love, Death and Robots. The much-loved series that has found itself at the center of various controversies will see a second season, even if the date has not yet been announced.

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Love, Death and Robots Volume 2 is coming to Netflix

The new season of Love, Death and Robots then the line traced by the first episode will follow. The trailer presented on Netflix by Twitter however, it does not allow us to glimpse anything, at least for the moment, of what will be the contents of Volume 2.

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We just have to look at it and wait for it to arrive on the streaming platform. However, the company has announced that - once again - the distribution of the episodes will not be uniform for all users, but there will be 4 different formulas which will not be influenced, as had been supposed, by spectator tendencies.

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