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How to download iPadOS on your iPad | Guide

With the arrival of iPadOS the Apple tablet market has undergone a turnaround. In the last Worldwide Developers Conference this system has seen the light of day for the first time, surprising all those present. In fact, some have been added interesting features that could make iPad a real work tool. Despite all the positive notes, however, iPadOS will not be available for all devices and, currently, only the beta version has been released. We explain, therefore, how to install it on your iPad, in case you want to try it.

iPadOS is compatible with the latest iPad models

Apple iPadOS

Before installing iPadOS on your device, you need to make sure that it is compatible with that system. Within the same Apple site there is a very clear list of this, which indicates various different tablets. All the iPad compatible I'm:

Compatible models
  • iPad Air 2 and 3;
  • iPad Mini 4 and 5;
  • iPad (sixth and seventh generation);
  • IPad Pro from 9,7 inches;
  • IPad Pro from 10,5 inches;
  • IPad Pro from 11 inches;
  • IPad Pro from 12,9 inches.

Registration for the public beta version of iPadOS

Apple iPadOS

To be able to try the beta version of iPadOS you must register on the official Apple website, in the appropriate area. Being a system that will come officially launched in the fall, there may still be some imperfections and some bugs. Therefore, this type of service serves precisely a test iPadOS and to promptly notify the company of any problems encountered. The development team will then have to fix the system.

Before registering, there is an area in which various information is reported. If you are interested in the topic, then you should read everything that appears between the lines.

Always perform a backup of the device

Apple iPadOS

A should always be done backup before any such operation. When installing a beta softwarein fact, complications can arise, so it is better to save all your files. Regarding this operation, on iPad it can be done in two different ways: with iCloud or on iTunes.

Proceeding to backup on a system equipped with MacOS Catalina, the latest software release available on iMac, you will no longer be able to use iTunes. For this reason you will simply have to connect the iPad, with the cable supplied, to the computer and follow the instructions that are shown on the screen. Using the Finder you will therefore find yours iPad in the sidebar and then just click on backup.

Apple iPadOS

Taking advantage of the potential of iTunesinstead, just connect the iPad to your iMac and wait for it to appear in the sidebar. At that point you only need to click on backup and all data will be saved on the computer. With a Windows PC the operations to be performed are the same, provided you have an updated version of iTunes. The same applies to all owners of old iMacs with an older operating system.

Download and installation iPadOS

Apple iPadOS

To proceed to download for free of the new iPadOS please follow the instructions below. Initially it is necessary to go to the official Apple site in the area dedicated to the program Apple Beta Software of iPadOS, via the browser Safari. Furthermore, by accessing the previously designated area, your own will certainly be requested Apple ID. You will then have to register the product in your possession by going to the iPadOS tab. The button "Download Profile"Is located at the bottom, almost at the bottom of the current page. Then clicking on it, you will start the download process of the new software.

Once the download is complete, a message should appear in the settings stating that the profile can be installed. Accepting all the conditions, the iPad will restart momentarily. Then you have to go back to the settings, go to "General", then go to "Software update". iPad will check for updates and find the iPadOS public beta. At this point you can proceed with the installation and wait for the process to be successful.

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