Amazon launches a credit card for bad payers

amazon credit card

The portal dedicated to e-commerce, now a guarantee in all respects, has launched a new credit card called Amazon Credit Builder. Obviously this is an active service only in the USA, where the company's presence in the credit card sector is now well established. But what is it and why is this novelty so important?

Amazon Credit Builder: the credit card for everyone

amazon credit card

The new card Amazon Credit Builder allows access to a credit card to users who cannot access financial services for any reason. Users who do not have a current account, who have a low average credit or who are bad payers: now they will be able to benefit from a credit card that allows them to make purchases on Amazon.

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Among the advantages, there are no management costs (therefore no annual fee) and a service is active cashback of 5% on purchases if you are Prime customer. The card is tailor-made for each user, setting up a credit line. Your limit will be imposed through an online transfer, with a minimum of 100 dollars to a maximum of 1000 dollars.

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The card is activated by 7 to 14 days after receipt of the deposit and can be used to buy products on Amazon. On some products it is even possible to pay in installments to 12 months, or in 6 / 12 / 24 months (varies depending on the product chosen).

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Furthermore, after seven months of use, Synchrony Bank will examine the account so that you can determine if you are eligible for an unsecured card. A truly unique solution, which will allow many US users to access financial services, before only a mirage.

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