WhatsApp Beta: now it is no longer possible to save contact profile images

whatsapp beta

After adding new features (like the Dark Mode, coming soon) WhatsApp Beta is preparing to eliminate a particular feature, perhaps considered too "intrusive" by the development team. We are talking about the possibility of save profile pictures of their contacts, a feature present since the beginning.

WhatsApp Beta no longer allows you to save profile pictures

The latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android (For iOS the change came on the Business Beta release) eliminated the option to save contact profile images and at the moment no explanations were given. It is not clear if this novelty will also appear on the next stable incarnation or it is an episode; the fact is that there are no lack of reactions from users, with criticism from those who see in a bad way the elimination of the features (instead of introducing new ones).

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At the same time others have appreciated this change of course, probably seen as a sort of protection of the privacy. However, this last point is somewhat controversial, since it is still possible to take screenshots. It remains to be seen if explanations will come about. Whether it is a passing event?

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