Very Little Nightmares is available for download on iOS

very little nightmares

A little over a month from the official announcement, Very Little Nightmares is ready to debut on iOS. Ready to lower yourself once again (or for the first time if you are a novice) as Six?

Very Little Nightmares lands on iOS: how much is the version for Android smartphones?

For those who stayed behind, Very Little Nightmares looks like a prequel to the events of the original game (recover it absolutely together with the DLCs: it's worth it), even if it looks like a title usable by everyone and with a gameplay based on the resolution of environmental enigmas.

The game is available in theApp Store of Cupertino at the price of 7.99 €, arrives with a weight of 1.5 GB and requires iOS 9.0 or a later version. Obviously this is a title compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; to proceed with the download, just click on the button below.

app store

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