TIM, Wind, Tre and Vodafone remodulations: rain of criticism from the CEO of Iliad

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In recent days we have witnessed a real wave of price increases by the main local operators, with remodulations TIM, wind (Also promo Smart), Three (Double!) is Vodafone. The reaction of Iliad it did not take long, in the form of harsh criticism from the CEO Benedetto Levi.

Iliad against TIM, Wind, Tre and Vodafone remodeling

iliad tim resodulations

Starting from the next 16 June the managers' prices will be higher for some unlucky users and Benedetto Levi took the ball to express his opinion. The CEO of Iliad has criticized the punctuality of the TIM remodulation, Vodafone, wind e Three, all coming to spoil the spring atmosphere.

"Punctual as spring returns the time of the remodulations for the historical telco operators: one does not care about the users and these will now have to pay more".

Iliad goes all-in and announces that he will become a landline operator

Not only that, the operator's CEO increases the dose by stating that the competitors you do not bother minimally of the users and the final sentence of the outlet is emblematic: “It is difficult to make a difference if you are not different". What do you think of Benedetto Levi's words? Do you share his position?

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