Samsung as LG: will move production away from Korea

Samsung logo

Also Samsung is ready to change course for smartphone production. The company made the fateful decision to reduce production costs even more. We should not be surprised by the news, before them, in fact, too LG has traveled a similar path. Where will it produce smartphones Samsung, then?

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Samsung moves completely in Vietnam thanks to the cost of labor

Samsung galaxy logo

Given the search for low labor, one might think that the company could move production to China, however Samsung aims at markets that are even more "submerged" and less known, where labor is (almost) free.

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We basically refer to Vietnam, which is one of the countries with the lowest labor costs. Not surprisingly, in fact, Samsung already produces most of its smartphones (more than half) in its own Vietnam. Speaking of numbers, in fact, the cost that society derives from it is beyond compare: just think that a worker earns from 126 to 180 dollars a month.

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