Iliad: here is the map to verify the coverage of the proprietary network

iliad map network proprietary coverage

Exactly a year ago, or the 29 Maggio 2018, a rather important event was happening for the Italian telephone market. On that day the debut of Iliad, which today 29 May 2019 celebrates, therefore, the first anniversary. If you are one of the operator's customers or, even more so, if you are considering making a SIM, surely it will be useful to know that there is a map of the coverage of the Iliad proprietary network.

With this map you can check the ownership of Iliad

If you think I'm referring to the present one on the official website, well, you are wrong, as this refers to general coverage. The staff of Free Universe, together with the developers of LTE Italy, have done better, creating a specific map for the Iliad network. This means that only those are indicated positions of the Iliad antennas, instead of those in use of Wind 3. This is a particularly useful tool to understand if Iliad is fully covered in your area or not.

This map was created by relying on the Mozilla MSL location service database, along with user alerts. As for the legend, the blue icons indicate the antennas whose position is certain, the yellow icons the insecure positions and the red ones the estimated positions. If you are interested, you can check the coverage through this link.

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