Game of Thrones 8 × 06: spoiled the ending on Reddit

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We have now left behind the fifth and penultimate episode of Game of Thrones 8, not without various controversies. George Martin himself is himself proved doubtful on the fold that has been made to take the famous record series of listenings. The fact is that now all the attention is paid to × 8 06. The grand finale will be broadcast on the night between Sunday 19 and Monday 20 May, live at 03: 00 and then on-demand from 04: 30 onwards. And as expected, what would be spoiled on Reddit plot of the last episode.

The alleged final of Game of Thrones 8 has been posted on Reddit

A leak that would also be rather reliable, as published by the same source that revealed Cleaganebowl in advance, or the battle between the Mastiff and the Mountain. As well as many other details related to the 8 × 05. At this point you are warned: if you do not want to spoil the experience, we advise you to close the article. If instead you are aware of what you are about to go against, go ahead, but at your own risk ...

... Are you still here?

Ok, then we can start. What you find below is the papal papal translation of Reddit's post, so as to avoid misinterpretation of interpretation.

Jon, Davos and Tyrion are going through the remains of King's Landing. Tyrion walks through what's left of the castle and sees Jaime's hand, so he starts removing the rubble, confirming that both Cersei and Jaime are dead. They find that Gray Worm and his men have trapped Lannister's money-men and are about to kill them. Jon tries to stop him, but Gray Worm tells him he is following the Queen's orders.

Change of scene on Daenerys, which is giving a speech on how they freed people at King's Landing: now the new goal is to free the rest of the world. Daenerys turns to Tyrion and tells him that he has committed treason. Tyrion tells her that he killed thousands of innocent people. Daenerys sends him to prison.

Jon goes to her, who sat alone on the Throne of Swords, telling her to stop acting like a madwoman and that Gray Worm killed the Lannister army in the previous scene. Daenerys replies that he's doing it for people. Jon pretends to understand but, as soon as he lowers his guard, he stabs her with his sword. Drogon arrives and stands over his body, burns / loosens the Throne of Swords and carries her away.

Gray Worm has Tyrion and Jon as his prisoners. The council, led by Sansa, tells Gray Worm to release Jon, but he refuses. This is when Tyrion says the new King or Queen should decide what will happen to Jon. Sam suggests a democratic vote for the new King. Tyrion replies that it's a stupid idea. The council votes and decides that Bran should be the king. Bran decides that Tyrion is the First Knight. Tyrion establishes that jon's punishment consists of reuniting the Night Knights. Gray Worm accepts and, together with its troops and the Dothraki, leaves on a mission to free the other cities of the continent held in slavery. After showing Tyrion as head of the board, Jon bids Sansa and Arya goodbye. Arya tells them she will not return home, but will go exploring west of Westeros, since there has been no one there yet.

The final scene is a closing montage. We see Arya on a boat, Sansa ruling Winterfell and Jon reuniting with Tormund and Ghost at the barrier. Members of the King's council: Sam, Davos, Bronn, Brienne, Yara, Robin Arryn, Gendry and Podrick. Sam states that they may have seen Drogon somewhere but they are not sure. Missing a Master of Laws and Whispers, Tyrion is looking for the right people to cover these positions.

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