Amazon: the .amazon domain is his despite protests in South America

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Amazon it is more important than the Amazon. To establish it was theICANN (Internet Corporation for Assined Names and Numbers), the body that has the last word for the allocation of domains. The organization has indeed conferred the domain .amazon to e-commerce rather than to the nations that divide, precisely, theAmazon.

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Amazon makes its .amazon domain after 7 years


The leaders of these countries have decided to pursue a legal battle. We refer to Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador who considered the previous creation unacceptable, which puts the interests of a company above that of (even) more states.

A closer look at the battle between Amazon and the quoted nations last from 7 years well and, so far, has not led to any conclusion. The proposals put forward by Amazon were of no use, having proposed to the various countries to occupy similar domains, but preceded by the country's prefix.

To be clear the Bolivia would have occupied the domain "" and so on. At games made, the only promise to which Amazon is obliged to submit is precisely that of not using any prefix containing "culture" within its domains, this to preserve the region's heritage.