Headphones Review Energy Headphones Travel 7 ANC

review energy headphones travel 7 anc

Le Energy Headphones Travel 7 ANC they are part of that increasingly rich category that is that of Bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation. Compared to the main proposals, however, here we have a more "human" price, as far as the hardware offered puts them in a price range that is not too cheap. These days I have been able to travel around Italy and test them on the move, putting them to the test in the round: let's see how they behaved and whether it's worth evaluating the purchase.

Review Energy Headphones Travel 7 ANC


Inside the package we find the headphones inside a hard plastic protective shell, very convenient for transporting them without damaging them. Do not miss a microUSB cable for charging but above all a AUX cable to be able to use them even in wired mode.

Design and construction quality

It certainly cannot be said that the Energy Travel 7 are design headsets: right from the start they demonstrate a standard look for this type of headphones. Not that there is anything wrong, especially if you are looking for a discreet product that does not give too much attention. They are headphones light and comfortable enough, let themselves be worn without major problems thanks to the soft padding of the pavilions and the bow. However, personally my head is a bit big and after a few hours of listening there is a certain sense of fatigue, although not extreme.

Review Energy Headphones Travel 7 ANC

The assembly made me turn up my nose a little, starting with the covering soft touch plastic, pleasant to the touch but potentially prone to ruin with wear. Fortunately there is the aforementioned case, but if you didn't want to carry them inside you can anyway fold them back to 90 ° on themselves and optimize their size. The other element that left me doubtful is the connection between pavilions and arch, as the extension mechanism of the arch is a bit harsh and it seems to force it when it extends.

Connectivity and autonomy

As far as the connection standard is still the Bluetooth 4.1, I must say that I did not have any problems with it, indeed. The headphones have never disconnected, even momentarily, from the paired device. Without considering that it is not present no lag between audio and video and the range of coverage is extended, being able to move a few meters without problem, even with obstacles in the middle.

One aspect that I appreciated about these headphones is certainly the autonomy. Thanks to the integrated battery you have about 25 hours of battery life if you use them without noise cancellation. By activating this feature the autonomy is reduced (but in favor of the audio quality, which we will talk about shortly), settling around 15 hours of use at maximum volume.

In addition to audio and microUSB input, on the left headphone we have Power and volume / track control buttons. With one click you raise and lower the volume, while keeping them pressed you can switch to the next / previous channel. Also on the left are the two microphones, with which you can handle calls with good sound quality, although the captured vocal sound is a bit muffled.

Audio quality

Before talking about sound goodness I talk about the system of noise cancellation, whose returned effect is quite tangible. But what has left me dumbfounded (in a positive sense) is what happens when the ignition switch is activated. In addition to reducing part of the mid / low frequencies (in the subway and train the effect is quite pleasant), the audio output is modified in a rather radical way.

In fact, it goes from a slightly dry and low volume sound to a decidedly longer flow warm, full-bodied and powerful. Not only does the volume benefit, it gains a few dB more, but it is also the reproduced range of frequencies. With the ANC deactivated system the listening is more neutral, with a certain emphasis on the medium frequencies. While activating it the impression is - to use a guitar metaphor - that of passing from a transistor amplifier to a valve amplifier. The low ones are round and do not bother the hearing, the averages are defined and the high ones are right ringing.

Review Energy Headphones Travel 7 ANC

Conclusions and price

The Energy Headphones Travel 7 ANC can be purchased on Amazon at a price of around 89 €. At this price it is a purchase I recommend, provided you don't want a pair of very solid headphones. Also because in that case the price would increase. Beyond this aspect, autonomy and audio quality left me satisfied, as well as the noise cancellation system which, although not excessively effective, returns a good overall effect.

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