Anker Nebula Capsule projector review: when design is not an end in itself

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The mini projector a DLP Nebula Capsules di Anchor presents itself with the intent to offer the cinema experience just like the best performing projectors, but with the advantage of portability and the operating system Android integrated. We were immediately struck by the attractive design and endless possibilities; will it have lived up to our expectations? Find out in the full review.

Review Anker Nebula Capsule


The small home projector Anchor it comes in a package designed down to the smallest detail which, right from the opening, shows us potential and uses. We find inside it:

  • Anker Nebula Capsules;
  • Carrying bag;
  • Remote controller (remote control) with batteries included;
  • Micro USB charging cable;
  • Instruction manual.

Design and construction quality

anker nebula

The main strength of the Nebula - it was already understood from the introduction - it is precisely the design. Constructed entirely in aluminum, with plastic inserts (where upper controls and inputs for recharging and housing are housed) video input by HDMI) and rubber for the grip, the small projector immediately gives a sense of compactness and high quality level. Despite its small size, 11.8 x 6.6 cm, Nebula enjoys excellent stability given by his own 460 grams.

Compactness and design that is not limited to being a mere aesthetic exercise but they represent a real strength of the product; unlike other projectors, the ability to carry the Nebula easily, combined with the fact that - given the presence of Android on board - it represents an autonomous product, it will ensure that you take it with you on many occasions unlike the classic projectors.

Functions and technical specifications

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We have already mentioned that the Nebula Capsule di Anchor it is more than a simple projector, but rather a small smart device. In fact, we find the operating system on board Android 7.1 with an ad hoc interface for video playback. Thanks to UI custom and integrated Wi-Fi module we will be able to easily access the contents of platforms such as Netflix,YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and not only. The small projector will offer users the ability to download more apps given the presence of Aptoide.

Connectivity is also present Bluetooth which offers an alternative to the supplied remote controller: with Bluetooth we can in fact control the projector via the dedicated app on Play Store e App Store.

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We said it at the beginning: the Nebula Capsule is a type projector DLP, which involves some merits, but also some qualitative limitations. The reproduced image has one resolution of 854 x 480 pixels (far from the 4K standards we are used to), in 16:9 and reaches i 100 inches with a distance of approx 3 meters. We then find a power of 500 lumens, slightly below - also this time - of the usual parameters which is reflected in the color rendering, which can however be set in the system settings.

While the video specifications face limits that - in my opinion - are due to the size of the product, we find a excellent audio compartment: the integrated speakers have a loud sound, but at the same time clean; fundamental quality being a projector since the generated sound also covers the fan noise.

The autonomy is also appreciable, with the battery from 5200 mAh you can play content for about 4 / 5 hours, which will guarantee you a long-lasting use: in case you organize a small trip, for example, you will not need a power supply.

Experience of use


Leaving all the specifications - important or not - behind, what really matters is the actual user experience. In this sense Nebula Capsule particularly pleased me. While showing limits (can reproduce a defined image up to a maximum of 100 inches), the portability and connectivity of this product are a winning weapon.

It often happens that, despite being passionate about this type of video reproduction, you do not have enough space and means: Nebula reset this limit; just a small tripod and you can place this projector almost anywhere. Given the quality standards of the image, however, I recommend almost total use in the dark.

Conclusions and price

Il Nebula Capsule di Anchor can be defined as a niche product. If you don't move often and have spaces in your home to dedicate to a large projector, the small Nebula Capsule is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want a product that makes you experience the cinema experience, and you often find yourself in situations that are not easy from a logistical point of view, you can't help but buy it, bearing in mind, however, that the price is not the easiest. : 499€ su Amazon.

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