Windows Defender: Microsoft's antivirus is also available for Mac

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A few hours ago, Microsoft announced - via the official forum - the arrival of Windows Defender also for devices Poppy, with an interface and an experience similar to that of users using Windows 10.

Windows Defender also arrives on Mac (and maybe ... Linux!)

If you are convinced - and this is a common belief - that the systems Poppy e Linux are virus-free, well it's only half-true. It is certainly much more difficult for these devices than for a system Windows, but just take some simple precautions and be careful while browsing the web to always be safe.

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Obviously this reasoning applies to the consumer user, but in the case of professionals, things get very different. Precisely for this reason, Microsoft has launched a Mac version of its historian Windows Defender specifically for companies using Windows and macOS systems. To access the Preview Program, interested companies can register via the appropriate form.

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Moreover, given the intention of Microsoft to create an all-round protection system, it is conceivable that a version of the antivirus dedicated to Linux. At the moment there is still no official confirmation and we await further news.

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