Review Anker Soundcore Liberty Air: a great alternative

Anker Soundcore liberty air

Lately we have had the chance to try different true-wireless headsets of different price ranges, from the cheapest to those directly comparable to the most famous AirPods. Today we will analyze the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. How will they behave during these weeks of testing? Let's find out together in our review.

Review Anker Soundcore Liberty Air


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Soundcore Libery Air headphones;
  • charging houses;
  • USB / microUSB cable;
  • ear pad adapters;
  • manuals.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

Design and construction quality

The Soundcore Liberty Air remembers at first glance the AirPods di Apple but in reality analyzing them in detail they are very different. The construction is excellent, made of plastic, but very robust and does not produce the slightest crunch, both the case and the headphones. Ergonomics are excellent: they proved to be firm after several hours even in sports activities.

They are in-ear headphones, flat at the ends, smooth and shiny where the touch controls are placed, which unfortunately were not very reactive and practical. Beautiful the opaque / glossy contrast between houses and headphones and in the latter there is a small LED that tells us the activation or the state of charge. They are water resistant with certification IPX5 so no problem in case of sweating or a few drops of water.

The dimensions of the case are of 60 x 47 x 30 mm for a weight of 58 g (with earphones) while the headphones measure 40 22 x x 25 mm for a weight of 5,4 g.

Anker Soundcore liberty air


Le Soundcore Liberty Air immediately connect to the smartphone as soon as they are taken out of the case. The latter, when opened, illuminates the three LEDs on the front according to the state of charge. The earphones present touch commands: you can play or pause a song by pressing twice on the touch zone.

To move on to the next song, hold down the right earpiece for two seconds, while the left earpiece will go to the previous one. To interact with calls, just press the right button twice, and to switch from a waiting call to the active call, press for two seconds. To transfer the call to the smartphone you must always touch the touch zone of the right earpiece for two seconds.

Anker Soundcore liberty air

Audio quality and connectivity

The audio quality is good, they have two driver from 6 mm each with an impedance of 16 ohm. The frequency response is of 20 Hz-20 kHz with technology Bluetooth 5.0 which guaranteed absolute stability. In the reproduction of a movie the audio is almost synchronized with the image, if not with a very slight noticeable delay.

Good bass like the highs but lacking a bit of overall body. The sound tends to be mainly sharp and slightly metallic despite the presence of graphene which is exploited for an innovative audio technology that should bring greater definition. Discreet calls thanks to two microphones manage to behave well but without surprising.

Anker Soundcore liberty air


Excellent autonomy, the headphones allow you to safely carry out 5 hours of music reproduction and the case allows you to recharge them completely for three times. Charging takes place in just over an hour for the case alone, while with the headphones inside it takes about twice as much.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air


These Soundcore Liberty Air in our tests they convinced us only that they neglected some details such as volume adjustment and interaction with gestures that proved impractical. They are still recommended and you can find them at a price lower than 90 €.

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