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Review Arlo Pro 2: wireless security camera at 1080P!

Arlo Pro 2

In the field of surveillance cameras Arlo is now a security, in the true sense of the word, above all because it guarantees the wireless solutions that allow us to place the product anywhere in the house. In today's review we're going to analyze Arlo Pro 2, how will he behave during our tests? Let's find out together!

Arlo Pro 2 Review

Arlo Pro 2


Inside the sales package we find the following equipment:

  • Arlo station;
  • wireless camera;
  • rechargeable battery;
  • wall power supply;
  • power adapter adapters;
  • USB charging cable - Micro USB;
  • Ethernet cable;
  • wall base for the camera;
  • screws and stops to fix the base;
  • video surveillance stickers;
  • manual for instructions.

Construction and design

Let's start with the surveillance camera, in fact, as already mentioned above Arlo Pro 2 is completely wireless and the design has remained almost unchanged compared to the previous generation. We have nice ones rounded shapes that give it a minimal design, which goes very well with modern furniture.

Arlo Pro 2

The dimensions are rather compact, in fact we speak of 79.3 x 48.6 x 70.5 millimeters for a weight of 136 gramswhile for the station we have the size of 58.6 x 174.5 x 126.5 millimeters and a weight of suns 316 grams. Both devices are made in plastic with excellent build quality. Also, the video camera has one IP65 certification which ensures its resistance to water and dust. However it will not be possible to immerse the device, but it will be waterproof to spray (eg rain).

Arlo Pro 2

On the top of the station we find the button to synchronize the base to the camera, which also serves to deactivate the siren integrated by 100 decibels. On the front there are 3 status LEDs, while on the rear profile there is the small button for resetting the device, 2 USB ports for saving movies locally, an Ethernet port needed to operate Arlo Pro 2, the power button and the power input.

The video camera, on the other hand, has a flat base useful for placing the device on furniture or a magnet on the back that allows us to attach it to all metal surfaces. Furthermore, if you use the supplied magnetic wall base, then it will also be possible to direct the camera. For the rest we find the microphones, the system speaker, the button to synchronize the camera with the station and the button to open the shell and insert the rechargeable battery.

Software and operation

For synchronize the two devices are very simple, just plug the Ethernet cable to station and press the button Sync together with the one present on the camera. In the same way you will have to install theArlo app on your smartphone register. You can also log in using yours Fingerprint, a gem that I found really very comfortable and pleasant.

The app is really very complete e well done. In "Mode" we can choose to activate and deactivate the alarm, to program it or to exploit its management through the geolocation, so when we move away from home it will activate automatically and deactivate when we return. A decidedly function very comfortable and that does not force us every time to have to do everything manually.

Arlo Pro 2

Furthermore, we can share access to the application with relatives or friends, in the sense that they will all be able to see the movements recorded by Arlo Pro 2 or take advantage of the geolocation system, Over which change settings.

When the alarm system is activated we will be notified whenever it comes detected a movement or an noise. However, if you would like to use the camera for external surveillance and would like to position it in such a way as to frame a busy point, as well as your entrance, then you will surely like to know that there is a mode that notifies you of the movements that occurred in a specific area . First of all, however, we must point out that this mode can only be activated if the room is on connected to the power supply. Apart from this we can go to select one portion of area on which to keep the alarm activated, avoiding that every time a notification arrives.

As for the management of the latter, we can receive a classic one push notification on the smartphone and / or one e-mail. Obviously in the meantime the device will record a video that we will find later on cloud for a maximum of 7 days or you can have it in local if you insert one pen drive in the station. However, some are present subscriptions for all those who want monitor 24 / 7 your own apartment / office / store.

Arlo Pro 2

Speaking of then video recording these can be turned up to Full HD a 30 fps, which show all their quality even during the night thanks to the IR sensors. Furthermore, when the camera is connected to the power supply, the system will also show us in the recording 3 seconds before to the movement detected, so that you can have a complete view of what happened.

Arlo Pro 2

In that case, moreover, the powerful siren, which can really cause hearing problems if you are next to the station. However here we introduce a defect, or this can be disabled simply by pressing the button located on the base. Not a very safe system in case of burglary, as a thief could very well neutralize the alarm. Obviously in that case we are taking for granted that the criminal knows that we have a home Arlo and who knows how to turn it off, as well as the fact that he stays at home despite the siren scared him and is playing wildly.

This however can also be activated Manually directly from the application, but disconnecting the current inside the apartment will obviously not work. Unfortunately, not having a built-in battery, the station will not send a notification in case of power failure.

However speaking in general of the performances of the Arlo Pro 2 I must say that I stayed completely satisfied, the surveillance system works in exquisite manner, as well as all the functions related to the activation and deactivation of the alarm. We also remind you that thanks to the presence of microphone and the speaker we will be able to interact directly with the subjects framed by the camera.

Finally, let's talk about the battery, which guarantees only about one charge 5 months of autonomy. A surprising result that is certainly placed among the strengths of Arlo Pro 2.


In conclusion this Arlo Pro 2 it is a decidedly product valid, especially because it offers a device wireless, which has several advantages over wired competition. The last positive aspect is that it is compatible with Amazon Alexa ed IFTTT, so it's perfect to be integrated into your home's ecosystem. The only one appearance da do not underestimate and that could make many of you change your mind is the price. Indeed, on Amazon Arlo Pro 2 (Station + 2 video cameras) it's available at about 535 €, while with 4 video cameras you can find it at around 750 €. However, if you already have one Arlo Station, then you can buy the new room directly at approx 181 €.

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