Rapoo 3920P Review: wireless mouse with incredible autonomy!

Rapoo 3920P

In today's review we will analyze a wireless laser mouse dedicated mostly to working sphere rather than that videogame, in fact we talk about the Rapoo 3920P, which he talked about thanks to his incredible autonomy.

How will he behave during our tests? We just have to find out in our review!

Rapoo 3920P Review

Rapoo 3920P


The sales package is in full Rapoo style, so with a black and blue box on which are shown different characteristics and a photo of the product. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Rapoo 3920P;
  • USB dongle from 5 GHz;
  • pair of AA batteries;
  • instruction manual.

Construction and design

Le dimensions the Rapoo 3920P are quite compact and this shows us that we are talking about a product portatile and easily transportable even in the pocket of a jacket in case there is a need to work in any other environment outside the office (eg train, plane, etc.). All this is certainly good, although it is not possible to perfectly lay the palm of your hand. In fact, the dimensions are of 9.3 x 6.2 x 3.4 centimeters for a weight of 59 grams.

Overall the construction it's enough good as well as theassembly, although there are gods present very slight crunches. The mouse is made entirely in glossy plastic di good workmanship, except on the sides where we find a rubber coating which goes to increase the grip.

On the top we find the two main keys separated in the center by the clickable wheel and by the key dedicated to the regulation of the DPI. Then the company logo and the name of the laser technology cannot be missing Surfree.

Rapoo 3920P

On the left side it is possible to notice two programmable keys, while on the bottom there are three small rubber strips useful for increasing mobility performance, the on / off switch, the laser sensor and finally, the door that allows us to access the housing of the batteries.

Overall grip è good and in spite of the small dimensions it is possible to work well even using it over 10 hours in a row.

Accurate and reliable

As said at the opening, the Rapoo 3920P is a mouse voted to productivity and this can also be understood from the wide choice of Customization of programmable keys through the dedicated software and which we can download directly from Official site di Rapoo. We will address this speech later, now we continue to talk about its performance in the workplace.

In fact, thanks to the laser engine and to Surfree laser technology la mobility the mouse is not hindered by surfaces other than the standard ones such as glass, plastic, leather and so on. This always keeps one good accuracy and, moreover, if we need more precision in video editing or editing of photographs it is possible to switch between DPI da 1600 a 800 through the appropriate button.

Rapoo 3920P

The highlight probably arrives now, because thanks to the rather low consumption, this mouse should guarantee us aautonomy about 18 months (according to the manufacturer). I am currently using this product from almost 3 settimane and I found absolutely no uncertainty.

Finally, let us note that this Rapoo 3920P is compatible starting from Windows XP.


On Official site you can do the download the software which will allow us to customize the various keys on the mouse. Unfortunately the application did not convince me at 100% as this model is not present in the list of devices to choose to configure the keys and therefore we will have to go to intuition and choose another one (in this case I chose the 8200P model).

Rapoo 3920P

For the less experienced, this is aoperation certainly not intuitive that could confuse them. However, once this step is resolved, personalize the keys Sara very simple e fast, simply select the individual boxes and choose from the wide range of available functions. More precisely, we have at our disposal 45 preset for 6 keys, or we can associate one Macro.

Rapoo 3920P

Il software It is completely in English with some sentences in Chinese, but we can very well manage everything without any problem.

For the rest within the program we also find several other sections such as "Macro Editor" which will allow us to manage and modify macros, "Pair program" which will explain how to perform the pairing of the device and finally "Restore Default Settings" which will return the settings to the initial settings.


In conclusion this Rapoo 3920P is definitely a great mouse for the productivity, especially if you often work outside the office and you are always in movement, as it has compact dimensions that allow it to always be carried with it. Unfortunately the software it may not be very intuitive for many and in fact I would say that this is the only one small defect, because otherwise he behaved in excellent way.

Il Rapoo 3920P is available on Amazon at the price of 26.99 €, a figure adequate to the product and more contained than other competiors more famous and with similar specifications:

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