Review Wavefun Micro: compact and inexpensive in-ear headset!

Wavefun Micro

The panorama of the wireless in-ear headphones expands more and more and today we find solutions for all budgets. Precisely for this reason in today's review we decided to analyze a headset bluetooth from the size and the low price, we are talking about the Wavefun Micro.

How will it behave during our tests? Let's find out together in the full review!

Wavefun Micro Review

Wavefun Micro


The sales package is very compact and the following equipment is present inside:

  • Wavefun Micro;
  • ear pads of two different sizes (3 the total sizes);
  • USB charging stick;
  • settings manual.

Construction and design

La Wavefun Micro has a design very simple but at the same time pleasant, in fact, thanks to its rounded shape and to the compact dimensions, does not appear to be not at all flashy and tacky once worn. More precisely, this headset has the dimensions of 23 x 20 x 13 millimeters for a total weight of approx 3.9 grams.

Superiorly we find two keys which will allow us to carry out various functions and the status LED, while at the bottom we find only the magnetic pins for recharging. The integrated microphone, however, is located on the side.

This headset is built entirely in plastic, which turns out to be quite durable and well assembled.


As mentioned above, this product presents two physical keys through which we can perform different functions without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket:

  • Switch on: press the multifunction button for 2 seconds;
  • Switch off: press the multifunction button for 3 seconds;
  • Change track: press the volume key for 2 seconds while the song is playing;
  • Raise the volume: single tap on the volume button to adjust it to your liking;
  • Play / Pause: single tap on the multifunction button;
  • Activate voice assistant (Google assistant o Siri): press the multifunction button for 1 second;
  • Answer / end calls: press multifunction button when you receive the call to answer and press it again to end it;
  • Reject call: press for 1 according to the multifunction button;
  • Repeat last call: double tap on the multifunction button (it may not work on certain smartphones);
  • Change audio output: during a call, press for 1 according to the multifunction button to transfer the audio from the headset to the phone;
  • Pairing: press the two buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the LED starts to flash alternating between red and white.

Audio quality

Transmission takes place via the Bluetooth 4.1 and moreover the earpiece is equipped with a audio chips CSR8610 dedicated to products like this, that is single earphones.

La sound quality the Wavefun Micro It's good if you think about the price to which it is sold. Indeed, the maximum volume turns out to be enough high and the balanced balance. I must say that from this point of view I was quite surprised because I expected much lower results.


As mentioned above, this Wavefun Micro has Bluetooth 4.1, which allows us to associate the headset to the smartphone very quickly.

To do this, simply press both physical keys simultaneously for a couple of seconds, until the LED starts to flash.

Wavefun Micro

With regard to the signal stability, senza ostacoli the earpiece even holds up 10 meters of distance, while with the walls of middle the maximum distance is of around the half.


La battery which resides in it allows us to play songs a medium / high volume for a maximum of approx 3 hours. Obviously the autonomy will go to increase or decrease based on the volume level that we will set.

La recharge happens through the USB flash drive, which has magnetic pins to which the headset attaches. The advantage from this point of view is that it is a decidedly practical solution. However, they will be needed approximately 2 hours to fully recharge the Wavefun Micro.

Wavefun Micro


In conclusion I feel of to advise definitely this product, because with little more than 10 € you can buy a perfect headset to use when doing it sport and characterized by aexcellent autonomy and a very good audio quality.

La Wavefun Micro is available on AliExpress. about 11 euro.