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Nintendo Switch: Pokémon Quest is official on the eShop

today Nintendo talk again about Pokémon Quest. The possibility of having been formalized today download for free presso the eShop di Nintendo Switch, totally free.

Pokémon Quest as well as for Nintendo Switch will soon also come for mobile devices

In addition to the official launch on the platform eShop for Nintendo switch, in fact, a game that sees i small Pokémon, this time in cubic version, it will be launched soon, too, on Android ed iOS, respectively up Play Store ed App Store. The game will tend to be structured in the same way, with the only variant of the functions accessible via the touch screen. Also the aesthetics will remain the same, very similar to Minecraft. The gameplay, for Nintendo switch and the mobile variants, will take place within the Tumblecube Island.

The dynamics will mainly concern the exploration of the island, the possibility of fighting and setting up camps in specific areas. THE Pokémon available will be those of the first versions (Red e Blue) leaving to presume that everything takes place in the region of Kanto. The game will focus on using 3 pokémon, interchangeable with captured others. Moreover, in the mobile variant there will be the possibility to fight online against other coaches and, the possibility of purchases in the app will be implemented even if the download for free it will be free. Pokémon Quest will precede Let's Go, Pikachu! e Let's Go, Evee! that will complete the triptych launched in 2018.

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