Chrome OS now fully supports Linux apps

chrome os support linux applications

Chrome OS fully supports applications developed for Linux, the interesting novelty is now official. The update was previewed on Google Pixelbook, but the rollout is provided for all devices equipped with Chrome OS.

Applications developed for Linux will now run on Chrome OS

chrome os support linux applications

This is the achievement of a very important goal for the operating system, which until now only supported Web applications and - recently - Android. Full compatibility with applications designed for Linux will allow device owners with Chrome OS to install and use real software. Kan Liu, product manager Chrome OS is excited about the news and explains that the Linux environment is virtualized on the OS with the protection of a specification sandbox. The Linux, Android and Web apps don't seem to be going to conflict with each other. However, it is a novelty still under development, therefore it will be necessary to wait a while for it to be perfected.

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Probably the novelty will not excite the "common" users, but there are some very important aspects. First of all, developers will be able to use their device with Chrome OS when programming for Linux, Android and Web App.

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Furthermore, the operating system is quite used in theeducational, therefore Linux support will prove to be essential for students who are learning the basics of coding.

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