PostmarketOS allows (will) rejuvenate your "old" smartphone


The dizzying increase of the smartphone prices it was certainly a constant last year. Paradoxically, however, this increase did not have a heavy influence on the sales of the latter. Moreover, the possibility of change pattern frequently It is one of the most coveted goals of all telephony enthusiasts, regardless of their market cost. However, concluding the introduction with this statement would be inaccurate and inaccurate.

Not just users addicted: there are also the "affectionate" to their own devices!

In addition to the category of addicted, in fact, we find all users true to your device for a time well above the two-year warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer. After this period that, moreover, can be more or less long, often the brands take away the support for older smartphones. As a result, these remain abandoned with old versions of the OS. In addition, the majority of apps and services are no longer compatible, given the outdated hardware.

There is a solution to this problem: here is PostmarketOS!

To try to contain this widespread problem, a team of developers launched the project PostmarketOS. As the name suggests, it is a project dedicated to all smartphones no longer supported by companies. The operating system, based on platform Linux, it is totally . and allows extend the life cycle of the smartphone to 10 age.

Although very recent, official support covers most of the top selling devices. The appeal does not lack i Nexus more obsolete, as well as branded devices Samsung, HTC, Sony o OnePlus. To underline the presence of the famous Moto G 2013 e 2015 which, in their heyday, recorded decidedly interesting sales.

But not all. PostmarketOS is also available for the Nokia N900, device launched in the Italian market in the far 2010. Finally, support will be granted to Mozilla Flame (originally with FireOS), at the console Ouya and, again, ai Google Glass and the smartwatch L.

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However, the facts do not always correspond to ideas and this project is a concrete example. In fact, during this first initial phase, the team found several difficulties in development, forcing users to many software limits.

The system, to date, does not support the Data connection and, in addition, result not working la camera, GPS Compass, Bluetooth and l 'audio. To conclude this long list of limits we find the lack of support to calls telephone, totally unacceptable.

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The limits are not lacking but there are alternatives

Interesting though, PostMarketOS it cannot be considered as a functioning and usable operating system. At present the limits affect all the main functions of a smartphone and, consequently, installing an OS of this kind would force you to live with many more limits that real advantages.
Moreover, the alternatives to be able to speed up your smartphone are not lacking: the first is certainly the installation of one Custom ROM lighter and closer to the "stock" experience of Android like LineageOS.

lineageos logo

The issue of insufficiently supported devices companies can no longer be considered a second-order aspect. In addition to exponentially increasing the fragmentation of the various operating systems, the lack of support causes the inactivity of many devices that, even today, could be more or less valid in the daily context.

PostMarketOS could be a concrete solution to the problem but, to date, one remains beta dragging behind too many limits to be considered a real alternative. However, starting with bias would be a serious mistake: time could manage to make this project mature.

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