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The best smartphones under the 200 euro | October 2017

the best smartphones under the euro 200

Also this month we have watched, with the help of the staff of GizDeals, the prices of the best smartphones on the market (both Asian and European) and we have compiled our "rankings" to update you on the situation and help you choose the one that's right for you!

From this month the phonebook will change slightly face, not only because we decided to insert smartphones from both Asian market place than from those Europeans but also for the content of this article, which will be more streamlined and will not only tell you the price changes of terminals but will send you directly to ours reviews, so as to be able evaluate in real time your choice.

Furthermore, I remind you that to stay always up to date on all offers available on the web, just follow GizDeals, our network for offers, e GizDeals Group, a newly born group where our staff will be available to advice and support throughout the purchase phase, from the choice of the device to the payment!

Obviously it should be noted that the prices shown are for reference and can change at any time. Therefore we invite you to stay tuned on the channel Telegram for updates H24 in real time.

Now call the talk and leave immediately with the best smartphones from 200 euro down!

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the best smartphones under the euro 200Which smartphone can I buy with 200 euro?

Xiaomi Mi A1

One of the most appreciated (and purchased) smartphones of the last month is it Xiaomi Mi A1. Fund solid hardware and run in, Android One it's a price more than accessible make this smartphone a real security. Best-buy absolute!

After a period without special discounts in the last week GearBest has proposed a coupons on all and 3 colors which brought the price to 177 €, so we expect even more attractive (and crazy) offers for the upcoming holidays: 11 November (Chinese holiday), Black Friday (24 November) e Christmas.

(I.e. Text Review
(I.e. Video Review

▶ ️ Rose
? Coupon: MI789
? 186.31 €

▶ ️ Black
? Coupon: MI789
? 209.91 €

▶ ️ Gold
? Coupon: MI789
? 198.20 €

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Xiaomi Mi A1

General Mobile GM6

Staying on the subject Android One how not to mention General Mobile, officially arrived in Italy for a few months, available on Amazon a 169 € (Prime shipping)

(I.e. Text Review
(I.e. Video Review

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - GM6

Xiaomi Mi Max 2

The colossus of Xiaomi reaches its historic minimum this month. With 177 € our users have managed to take home a almost perfect combination of multimedia and performance. Why almost? Unfortunately (for some) the 20 Band is missing.

(I.e. Text Review
(I.e. Video Review

▶ ️ Black
? Coupon: xiaomimax2
? 192.19 €

▶ ️ Gold
? Coupon: max2jinse
? 195.58 €

Xiaomi Mi 5S

The former top of the range of Xiaomi has now reached a very interesting street price that places it right in our ranking. There camera performance, compact dimensions, the SoC Snapdragon 821 and the ultrasonic fingerprint reader make this device a great choice in its price range.

At the moment the device is not available for purchase but stay tuned to GizDeals for real-time info on the restock.

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Huawei lite P9

One of the best mid-range of the 2016, Huawei lite P9 remains an attractive terminal given the prices of the last month: even only 135 euro up GearBest, in the European variant with 20 band.

(I.e. Text Review
(I.e. Video Review

➡️ Global version with 20 Band
? Coupon: HP9IT18
? Coupon: HUAZDCJ
? 135.38 €

Su eBayfurthermore, we find a very interesting offer, where it is offered for the modest sum of 179 €.

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Huawei P9 lite

Huawei P8 lite 2017

Another price drop at home Huawei, with the P8 lite 2017 coming down of just below the 160 euro both Amazon that eBay.

(I.e. Text Review
(I.e. Video Review

? 157 € (Amazon)
? 159 € (EBay)

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Huawei P9 lite

Lenovo P2

Our review headlines "Autonomy and concreteness", two perfect adjectives for this smartphone, capable of combining excellent hardware performance to a crazy autonomy. During the month he received a new one price cut arriving, with the latest coupons of GearBest, in 156 € for the version without 20 Band. The European market remains out of the charts, with prices that often touch the 300 €.

(I.e. Text Review
(I.e. Video Review

➡️ Lenovo P2
? Coupon: LEP2IT16
? 156.64 €

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Lenovo P2

"Honorable Mentions"

In this price range, perhaps more than in the others, the Chinese market meets us with dozens of models more than attractive, we have therefore decided to include them in a mini-list with review (where present) e purchase link!

Xiaomi Redmi 4A


? Coupon: redmi4ase
? Coupon: redmi4aglobal
? 84.61 €

➡ 2 / 16 GB
? Coupon: gbredmi4a
? 76 €

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Xiaomi Redmi 4X


➡ Snapdragon 435 Octa Core 1.4GHz
➡ 3 / 32 GB
➡ 20 band
?? Italian Language, Play Store and OTA Updates

➡ Black color
? Coupon: gbredmi4xg
? 101 €

? Coupon: 11nov139
? Coupon: redmi4xgj
? 115.92 €

➡ Gold coloring
? Coupon: remi4xth
? 108.3 €

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Xiaomi Redmi 4x

Xiaomi Note 4 Redmire


➡ Snapdragon 625
➡ 3 / 32 GB
➡ GLOBAL version with 20 Band
?? Italian Language and Play Store

➡ Gray
? Coupon: note4ev
? 126.92 €

➡ Gold
? Coupon: note32gb
? 118.46 €
? Coupon: note4evjs
? 126.92 €

⭕ Coupon for 4 / 64 GB version
➡ GLOBAL version with 20 Band
?? Italian Language and Play

➡ Black
? Coupon: gbnote4gp
? 143.84 €

➡ Gold
? Coupon: note4jsglo
? 148.92 €

The best smartphones under the 200 euro - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4