Wikileaks: Assange has Google as its new goal

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At the end of the celebrations for the ten years since his birth, WikiLeaks announced that he will soon return to target Google with a series of information and documents published on the web regularly.
The goal is to annoy the US presidential elections as much as possible, scheduled for November 8.
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Julian Assange

WikiLeaks targets Google again

It was the 4 October 2006 when WikiLeaks was founded, one of the most talked and controversial Internet portals ever. At a distance of 10 years since its inception, there are more than 10 million confidential documents that have been published without too many problems by the authors who keep the portal alive; and as is evident, we are talking about documents that have triggered political scandals even on an international scale.
After a long time, the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has no intention of signing the surrender, but on the contrary, he is convinced that he wants to continue to publish high-impact confidential documents.
Assange has promised that from here to the next 10 weeks will publish new documents on a weekly basis, and that among the targets of these scoops there will be Google, the arms market, military operations and even the presidential elections that will be held next November in the States 8 US.
The reason is that - at least from WikiLeaks, it is seen as a kind of capitalist superpower that moves behind the scenes to make its own interests by influencing politicians and governments. The evidence of all this has so far been non-existent, or almost, but there could be revelations of a certain weight from now until the end of the year. Provided, of course, Google does not take action to avoid similar "fools" in public.
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