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MediaTek executives confirm the partnership with Samsung

In recent days a series of rumors have been chasing about a possible partnership between MediaTek e Samsung, today two officials have indirectly confirmed these rumors.

A few months ago, some rumors had raised the possibility for Samsung to implement MediaTek CPU inside devices mid-range or low-end devices.

MediaTek, Samsung

MediaTek indirectly confirms the partnership with Samsung

Some confirmations in this sense have been given, firstly, by a MediaTek manager, Tsai Ming-kai, who spoke of Samsung as a "customer" and then, during an event in Romania, another senior executive would have said the same thing.

When asked by local broadcasters to the director Arthur Wang, it said it was possible about a new collaboration but also clarified that it could not be unbalanced as no type of product was announced with MediaTek chip. In recent times Samsung, in fact, decided to focus a lot on the Exynos proprietary SoC, effectively reducing its collaboration with Qualcomm.

Over the years, MediaTek has grown, succeeding in satisfying the demands of its customers. Also HTC e Sony they used their solutions and now Samsung could do it starting from the next 2017 models, probably integrating the new models, from 10 nm, which should be more lent than the previous ones.

MediaTek, Samsung

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