AndroidGoogleiOSNews arrives on Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand

After landing on Google Play News here is an important new step for it is finally possible to find us and read us on Google Play Newsstand.

How to subscribe to the channel on Google Play Newsstand

To be able to follow us on this other news platform of Google it is necessary to subscribe to our channel to the following link.

From computer, just click on "subscribe to this edition”To automatically implement the library while on mobile devices it will be necessary install the Play Google Newsstand application, available for both systems Android than for those iOS in their respective store.

Google Play Newsstand

Following registration, our channel will be displayed in your collection on all your devices.

Finally, we remind you of the birth of the new Facebook group and the Telegram group of GizChinaIT.

Follow us is very simple: first of all, on Facebook just subscribe to the group "GizChina Italia & GizBlog Official Group", Within which you will find the various news reported by us, with the ability to comment, share and create ideas for discussion on the topic.

As for Telegram, it will be enough to subscribe to the group "GizChina Italia & GizBlog Official Group", Thanks to which you will have a direct connection with the staff of GizChina and GizBlog, to which you can quickly address your questions.